Friday, April 3, 2009

New Toys and Presents

Lots happening but little of it interesting. The best thing in the last couple of months is that Linda and the girls got me an early birthday present. Tickets to the Jimmy Buffett concert in May. Linda must truly like me 'cause she is accompaning me to Phoenix for the concert. It's May, and the possibility of triple digit temperatures is high. That's how I'll be feeling though; high. Just from the music. I have a message board in my garage which says, among other things, " If you don't like Jimmy Buffett you're in the WRONG garage." I have a 50 disc CD changer in the garage. I usually listen to two discs; # 1 which is a compilation of Buffett songs I put together several years ago, and #2 which is a copy of #1. Just in case #1 gets scratched. Gotta have back up. Anyway, looking forward to it. It's GOT to be better than the Gordon Lightfoot concert we went to last fall.

The Flagstaff Six went to Cameron last Saturday for a short ride. Navajo tacos all around. Except for Angela who just has to be 15 degrees off center. She had a hamburger. She ended up not liking it. Ha! The tacos the rest of us had were huge, and I mean huge! Lin and I split one and didn't finish a quarter of our halves. There was at least four cows worth of cheese on top of each half. And two cans of green chilies. But what we did eat was really good. Next time we'll split a mini. Or I'll get my usual Navajo stew.

I spent too much money and bought a swell communication system for The Beast. I'm thinking that if it's gonna take naps (see the post of January 17th) then I'll need some way to wake it up. Shouting into a CB from another bike just might do it. Dang thing.

I saw a Tow Pac kit on Craigslist which I think I could adapt to Frankenbike. If I can just get Linda to agree..... This kit makes a bike into a trike. Actually a fourk. Or whatever you call it when the cycle has four wheels. We've been looking at them for several months but they usually run around $3500.00. This one is less than 1/2 that. Lin would ride with me if she could drive a trike instead of a bike.

Ok, off to play cribbage with the family. Great to spend time with them.

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