Monday, August 25, 2008

This is a sign on the way to the North Rim. Linda's brother might get a kick out of it. Of course his name is Larry.
I've got a lazy bike. The dang thing just rests whenever it wants to. Last week I was at the credit union, just leaving the parking space when The Beast decided to take a nap. I mean I wasn't going more than 5 mph and making a hard turn when it just laid over on it's left side. I stepped off and listened to it snore. As I stood there pondering how to wake it up, 13 midgets in a minivan pulled up and helped me right the thing. Actually it was a skinny guy in an old Ford Econoline, but between the two of us we stood it up and I was able to throw a leg over it and steady it. I don't understand why the thing did that to me; I feed it premium fuel, wipe the dust off of it, try not to ride in the rain too much, but still it got lazy on me.

Today is the 27th anniversary of the day Linda and I said "I do." I am so amazed that she is still with me. I'm grateful for that and anxious to start the next 27. We plan for the future and enjoy the present. Thanks Linda for helping us be a complete family.

The problem I'm finding with blogs is that posts always go on the top. When I'm writing a story, the reader starts with the last post when the story actually starts with the first post. I'll wander around the blog site and see if there is a way to change that. In the mean time I'll figure out a way to tell the reader which posts continue a story line and which ones are just miscellaneous ramblings.