Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Things I've Learned

Things I've learned in the last few years:

If you don't like snow, don't live where it snows. And if you push snow for a living you will soon learn to not like snow.

Pepsi may be for those who think young but Coke is for those who think they think young. I drink Coke.

Camping is for those who ARE young. Even with a 1 ton pickup and a 14 1/2 foot camper, I still end up sleeping on rocks. On a related note:

Smoked meat is different than meat with smoke on it. One is on purpose and the other is because you can't get away from it when eating around a campfire.

Ashes follow smoke. Ashes can be hot and don't taste good.

If your dog sleeps on the bed with you it doesn't take long before you're sleeping on rocks even at home.

If there's a "Concert of the Century" it will snow on that day and I won't get to go.

True friends and family will stand behind you, even when they know better and have told you so, but you screw up any way.

The day you've worked the hardest and need the hot tub the most is the day you will have forgotten to turn the controls from "Economy" to "Standard" so the tub is only 87 degrees.

The number 1 thing I've learned in the last few years is that when you are getting ready for bed and put your bedtime pie snack on your night stand, and your dog can get on the bed, by the time you get out of the shower you won't have any pie.

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Ron and Nina said...

ohhhhh, the pie lesson is the hardest of all!