Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've got this thing that I do that may seem a little odd, but it works for me. I have a cordless razor which I keep in the car. On my way home I shave. That way if Linda wants to make out I'm ready. No stubble to scratch her lovely face. I don't shave in the morning because I don't care if the reprobates I work with see me with stubble. Linda matters way more than they do. One flaw in the system is that because the razor is in the car I usually don't shave on Sunday mornings before church. Not a big deal. I've probably gone somewhere on Saturday and taken that opportunity to shave. But on the way to church I've got on a tie which makes shaving difficult.

Last Saturday, Lela went to Sakura, the local Teppanyaki style restaurant. She came back raving about the sushi. Yes, Lela, who doesn't like using the same deep fryer I use because I've cooked fish in it, was raving about the sushi. Goes to show, you never know. Well, it was nothing doing except we all had to go to Sakura for dinner last night. We invited Ron, Karla and Aaron Brewster to join us.

The flaw in my shaving on the way home plan is that sometimes the razor quits in the middle of a shave. No warning; just quits. So, I get one side of the face whisker free but the other side has little tiny hairs. By Monday afternoon it can be a bit unsightly. Of course it happened yesterday, a Monday, the evening of our Sakura adventure. Left side clean; right side hairy. So, to keep everyone from noticing my whiskers I knocked my water glass over, spilling water all over myself and breaking the glass in the process. No one saw the whiskers because of the scramble to get away from the rapidly spreading water. I was wearing white jeans which got soaked, but it could have been worse; it could have been Coke. By the time we got all that cleaned up it was time for the Teppanyaki chef to come and do his thing, flipping shrimp, making onion volcanoes and such. When that happens they turn the lights down making my whiskers unnoticeable. Life is good. The sushi was good too.