Friday, October 30, 2009

Wow, it's been since June 2. I'm a slacker. The real situation is that I've become addicted to Facebook. It's Lela's fault. And Andrea DeCarlo's. And Mary Lynne's. Oh heck, it's everybody who talks to me there. I've decided to slow my participation, mostly to see if I can. Gentle withdrawal. I hope I don't get the shakes.

It's coming on winter. I think I may have mentioned a time or two that I hate snow. I don't hate winter, I just hate snow. And bitter cold. We've already had some frigid temps. On the way to work this morning the computer in the car said 13 degrees. Let me reiterate; 13 freaking degrees. Too cold to ride The Beast. Some of the folk on Facebook from Phoenix are just getting their bikes out of storage for the riding season. Shouldn't I live there? Yes. But not if I want to live with Linda. And I want to live with Linda. But now if I want to ride I'll have to scrape the frost off the seat. Maybe we could compromise; Linda can have June, July and August in Flagstaff and I get the rest of the time in Phoenix. Yeah, sounds good to me.

Lots happened this summer. I'm feeling the need to expound on it. Of course a good deal of it involved wheels; two and four at a time. Next post will be in a day or two.